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Meet Our Bedford Oaks Veterinary Staff

Veterinary care for your pets in Bedford

Meet our Bedford Oaks vets and hospital staff.

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Veterinary Philosophy

We work hard to be Bedford’s leading animal care provider. That means outfitting our clinic with cutting-edge technology and hiring smart, caring people to bring the furry members of your family the best care possible.

Local, loving care for your dog or cat in Bedford.

At Bedford Oaks Family Vet, you and your companion are our top priority. From same-day appointments to unhurried face time with your veterinarian, we care for the details just as we care for your pet. We thrive on wagging tails and smiling faces and treat every pet like one of our own. After all, your family is part of our family.

“Great clinic! My family has been coming for several years and would never go anywhere else.”

—Chrissy B.